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News and Updates

13/05/2019 SUMMER LEAGUE UPDATE. NEW RULING. The Committee have voted to introduce the one break per person, in a match. This means the scorecard has been modified. Each player now has a number by his name, and this dictates in what order that player plays in the second half. In addition, we will be recording any break and dishes completed. There is a new column, on the result sheet, that simply needs to be ticked, if the break and dish achieved. Best wishes to all teams, including welcoming back the Rose pool team and special welcome to Cliffe Woods Social Club, who are a new addition to the League. The Committee .

League Fixtures for Wednesday 24th July

Group A
Home Team Away Team
Elephants Head AVThe Edinburgh Castle A
Prince Albert AVBye
Peacock BVThe Pavilion A
Spots and Stripes DVPrince Albert C

Group B
Home Team Away Team
Regans Bar AVSpots and Stripes C
Spots and Stripes ZVPeacock A
Man of KentVBat & Ball B
ByeVSpots and Stripes A

Group C
Home Team Away Team
Painters Ash BVForesters AA
Prince Albert DVThe Rose
The VillagerVPainters Ash A
Pelham Arms BVPrince Albert B

Group D
Home Team Away Team
Bat & Ball AVPelham Arms A
The WheatsheafVThe Viewpoint
Cliff Woods Social ClubVElephants Head X
Foresters AVYe Olde Coach and Horses