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News and Updates

14/05/2018 Elephants Head B - The league has made the decision to remove the Elephants B team from the league, all previous matches will become null and void, and all scheduled matches with this team will be regarded as a bye..
14/05/2018 AMENDMENT TO RULES & REGULATIONS Section 15 (C) - The League has found it necessary to amend the Rules & Regulations 15 (C) AS FOLLOWS - If a match is claimed due to the opponents failing to turn up, the result card must be completed by the team present and it should be noted on the card that the opponents failed to arrive. If a team fails to turn up for 1 match (if less than 60% of players in Summer League & Less than 66% of players in Winter League do not show this will be regarded as a no show, 3/5 players needed for Summer League and 4/6 needed in the Winter League), this team will automatically be dismissed from the league without any entitlement to a refund, all previous matches will become null & void, a meeting will take place before the next season to establish whether or not this team will be allowed back into the league. - The Committee has made this amendment as it feels it is in the best interest of the league and its members, please ensure you read and understand this amendment to the rule, this rule starts with immediate effect. This rule has been updated on our Rules & Regulations page.

League Fixtures for Wednesday 27th June

Home Team Away Team
Foresters AAVPelham Arms A
The Grove nightclubVSpots and Stripes C
The Peacock BVThe Bat and Ball B
Regans Bar AVForesters A

Home Team Away Team
The Prince Albert BVThe Viewpoint
The Pavilion AVThe Edinburgh Castle B
The WheatsheafVMan of Kent
Painters Ash AVThe Prince Albert C

Home Team Away Team
The Darnley Arms (Playing from Cricketers)VRegans Bar B
The Bat and Ball AVElephants Head A
The Edinburgh Castle AVThe Villager
Pelham Arms BVYe Olde Coach and Horses

Home Team Away Team
Spots and Stripes BVPainters Ash B
Spots and Stripes DVThe Peacock A
Elephants Head B (Now a BYE)VThe Pavilion B
ByeVSpots and Stripes A