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News and Updates

League Fixtures for Wednesday 9th May

Test 1
Home Team Away Team
Pelham Arms AVForesters AA
The Peacock BVThe Grove nighclub
The Bat and Ball BVSpots and Stripes C
Foresters AVRegans Bar A

Test 2
Home Team Away Team
Man of KentVThe Prince Albert B
The Edinburgh Castle BVPainters Ash A
The Pavilion AVThe Wheatsheaf
The Prince Albert CVThe Viewpoint

Test 3
Home Team Away Team
Regans Bar BVElephants Head A
The VillagerVThe Bat and Ball A
The Darnley ArmsVThe Edinburgh Castle A
Ye Olde Coach and HorsesVPelham Arms B

Test 4
Home Team Away Team
Spots and Stripes AVThe Pavilion B
Painters Ash BVThe Peacock A
Elephants Head BVSpots and Stripes D