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News and Updates

17/01/2018 INFORMATION (THE ASCOT)- For reasons out of their control, until further notice The Ascot team will now be playing all home matches from The Peacock..
19/12/2017 ADDITIONAL AMENDMENT TO KNOCKOUT RULES - Please see Rules & Regulations Point 23 (D) on the Rules/FAQ Page of the Website, a new rule has been entered regarding what to do in the event of a draw in a knockout match, the break will now be decided (on a deciding frame in the event of a draw) by the toss of a coin, for more information on GPL Rules please refer to the Rules/FAQ Page..
30/10/2017 ALL KNOCK OUT DRAW INFORMATION - Please see Details of all KO fixtures on our Downloads page, Simply click on the listed links to see a PDF Document containing details of all KO Draw dates..

League Fixtures for Wednesday 28th February

Premier Division
Home Team Away Team
Prince Albert BVSpots & Stripes B
Spots & Stripes CVThe Pavilion
Edinburgh CastleVPrince Albert A
Bat & Ball BVThe Rose A
The PeacockVForesters Arms A
Painters Ash AVBat & Ball A

Division 1
Home Team Away Team
Regans Bar AVSpots & Stripes D
Spots & Stripes AVBye
The VillagerVPrince Albert C
Elephants Head BVBye
Foresters Arms BVPelham Arms A
The Rose BVViewpoint

Division 2
Home Team Away Team
Prince Albert DVBye
The CricketersVPockets
ByeVRegans Bar B
Ye Olde Coach & HorsesVPainters Ash B
Pelham Arms BVThe Ascot
The WheatsheafVElephants Head A